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From 2019 we are happy to be able to send our products packed in paper parcels.

Why are you doing this?

Sustainability is in our DNA - from day one, we've been conscious of how our business practices affect the world around us. We're aware that there are better ways to dispatch our parcels than in plastic. We're looking into options that mean our packaging is 100% recyclable.


Is HealthPost plastic free?

No, not yet. That is a long term goal.

We still receive goods with plastic wrap, and some of our products are in plastic packaging. We're constantly looking at ways to reduce our overall plastic use business wide, and will be sharing new initiatives as they happen.


My product arrived damaged/broken - what do I do?

Please get in touch at info@healthpost.co.nz with a photo of the damage incurred to your product and your parcel, and we'll sort you out.


Are your jiffy bags and boxes recyclable?

Yes, for all New Zealand addresses! Simply remove the label and tape if used, and leave in the appropriate recycling bin.


Are your jiffy bags compostable?

No, we don't recommend putting our jiffy bags into your compost. The inks are not vegetable based, so this is not ideal in a composting environment. The jiffy bags are stuffed with post consumer paper which includes newspaper and magazines. These are likely have non-vegetable based inks on them too.


Why do you not use vegetable ink for printing?

We're looking into options for more sustainable printing inks. Watch this space.


Why are you not using compostable bags?

We have looked into these for our business and made a decision they are not right for us at this time. Whilst they claim to be plant based, only a very small percentage of the bags is organic material (they're actually quite high in petroleum). We feel that they are not suitable for composting environments - we don't want to suggest this to our customers. Also, they don't break down in marine environments or landfill, and cannot be recycled in soft plastic recycling. We have nothing against companies using these bags - we've simply made the decision to focus on recyclable packaging rather than compostable packaging at this time.

How can I give feedback on the new Jiffy bags?

Please get in touch at info@healthpost.co.nz. We're keen to hear feedback on our paper Jiffy's, whether that be good, or not so good!

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