中国消费者购物指南 | China Shopping Guide

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We are now accepting orders to addresses in China and Hong Kong

COVID-19 shipping surcharges apply from our delivery partner NZ Post - Find out more. Your shipping charges displayed at checkout are inclusive of any surcharges.

Please allow some extra time for your parcel to arrive due to delays from our worldwide delivery partners


请注意,在新冠状病毒疫情期间,我们的快递合作伙伴新西兰邮政NZ Post将会收取运输附加费。请点击此处Find out more了解详情。运输附加费已经涵盖在结账出口的总运费里面。

大部分国际邮件处理中心正面临投递延误的状况, 请您给予足够的时间和耐心等待包裹完成投递。

为什么选择HealthPost?| Why HealthPost?



We’re proud to be New Zealand’s favourite online natural health and beauty store, delivering to China since 2000. From humble beginnings, HealthPost was born out of a genuine desire to help everyday Kiwi’s live naturally healthy lives. With a focus on quality, integrity and sustainable business practices, we’re dedicated to making a lasting, positive impact on the wellbeing of people and the planet.

We stock over 5,000 products, including supplements, superfoods, skincare and more, all with our Better Choices Promise tick of approval. That means no nasty chemicals, no environmental pollutants, and no animal testing. Just better choices – for you and for the world.

我需要怎样下单呢?| How do I place an order?

  1. Find the products you would like to order
  2. Select the size if this is applicable
  3. Press the 'ADD TO CART' button
  4. If you would like to continue shopping, you can click the 'continue shopping' button or if you are finished shopping you can click the 'proceed to checkout' button.

When you're finished shopping and you're in the shopping cart, you will see all your products in a list. These will have quantities beside them. Should you wish to add or remove any products from your order you can do this from here.

You can add or remove products by clicking the upward or downward arrows. Up will increase the quantity, and down will decrease the number. Should you wish to remove the product completely you can either click the downward arrow until this is 0 or click the 'X' on the very right hand side of the product. Please see the example below:

At any point when you are viewing your shopping cart and you decide that you might like to add some more products to your order, just click the 'continue shopping' button under the product list.

  1. 搜索您需要购买的产品
  2. 请按照您的需求选择合适规格的产品
  3. 点击 'ADD TO CART' (添加到购物车)按钮
  4. 如果您需要继续购物, 请点击 'continue shopping'(继续购物)按钮。如果您已经添加完所需要的产品,请点击 'proceed to checkout' (去结账)按钮.


如果需要增加产品数量,请点击向上的添加箭头。假如需要减少产品数量,请点击向下的j减少箭头。如果您需要完全删除产品,您可以点击向下的箭头使数量归零,或者点击在产品最后边的'X' 按键删除产品。如下图所示:

如果您在购物车页面需要继续添加产品,请点击在产品清单下方的'continue shopping' (继续购物)按钮继续搜索添加产品。

你们接受什么支付方式呢?| What are your payment options?


We accept WeChat Pay, Alipay, visa, master card, and PayPal.

直邮的费用是多少?| How much is delivery?

运费的多少取决于您选择的物流方式和订单的重量。请到我们的物流页面查看关于物流方式选择和邮费的详细说明。您也可以使用我们结账页面上的“Estimate Delivery” (物流估算)的功能计算您订单的邮费。

Cost of delivery varies depending on your chosen delivery service and order weight. For a full a list of options and costs, please read our Delivery Options and Costs to China article. You can also use our “Estimate Delivery” tool at checkout to calculate the cost of delivery for your order.

你们提供什么物流服务?| What delivery service do you use?


We cooperate with New Zealand Post, China Post and EMS China to offer both a Tracked Airmail Service, and EMS delivery service. Orders are carefully packed and delivered straight to your door.

一般需要多久才能收到我的订单呢?| How long will it take to receive my order?


Depending on the delivery option you’ve selected, your order will be with you in 10 working days. For more information, please read our Delivery Options and Costs to China article.

怎样才能收到你们的特惠通告呢?| How can I be notified of specials?


Subscribe to our official HealthPost account in WeChat for the latest offers, specials as well as news and events. You can easily scan the below QR code to subscribe to our channel.


的优惠产品和热销产品呢?| Where can I find your specials and top sellers?


You can shop our top sellers and the latest specials here.

HealthPost有实施客户忠诚的奖励计划吗?| Do you have a loyalty programme?


Yes! Each time you shop with us, you can earn HealthPost Reward Dollars. For every $20 spend, you’ll get $1 back in Rewards which you can either save or spend on your next order.

购物被税了可以补税吗?| Will I be reimbursed for any tax charges?



In the unlikely event you incur import tax on an order with a total value below NZD $200, HealthPost will reimburse you for the tax amount with HealthPost Reward Dollars. Please note that reimbursement is only applicable for customs charges paid, HealthPost does not reimburse “service fees” EMS charge you for releasing your parcel on your behalf. HealthPost will not reimburse any import tax charges for orders over NZD $200.

下单后我可以更改或者取消我的订单吗?| How can I change or cancel my order?


We are more than happy to help you change or cancel your order. Please insure that you contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange this for you. We process our orders very quickly, so for this to be successful please let us know as soon as you can.

怎样追踪我的订单呢?| How do I track my order?


 您可以在我们网站上找到您订单的物流追踪号码。请登录您的账号,点击“My Orders”(我的订单),然后在相应订单号码旁边点击“Track Order”(追踪订单)查看您订单的物流追踪号码。

You can easily track your order by using the tracking number from your dispatch notification emailed to you, and by using the New Zealand Post Tracking Tool. Your dispatch email will also contain a link directly to your tracking information for your convenience.

You can also find your tracking number on our website. Simply sign into your account and click on 'My Orders' under your name. Click on the ‘Track Order’ button next to your order to get your tracking information.

商品送到时发现破损情况怎么处理?| What happens if my parcel arrives and something is damaged?




Please contact us with your order number and let us know what has been damaged. We'll happily issue you with a refund or arrange a replacement where possible. 

Make sure you keep any damaged items and packaging in the same condition as they are received and take a photo if possible. This can assist us in making a claim to the courier. 

Please note you will need to contact us within 7 days of your parcels delivery date for us to be able to assist you. 

我需要退运受损的产品吗?| Do I need to return the damaged products?


Please do not return anything that has been damaged before contacting us. If possible, please request a damage report from your Postal Authority first and take any photos of your damaged item(s) to send to us. 

网站的中国主页发生改变了吗? | What happened to the China homepage?


We no longer have a China dedicated homepage. We’ve done this to reduce confusion for our customers, and to keep things transparent and consistent across our website.

Have another question? Get in touch.

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