My Parcel Was Damaged (Australia)

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My parcel has arrived and something is damaged, what do I do now?
We're sorry that your parcel has not arrived in perfect condition. Please contact us with your order number and let us know what has been damaged. We'll happily issue you with a refund or arrange a replacement where possible. 

Please make sure you keep any damaged items and packaging in the same condition as they are received, and take a photo if possible. This can assist us in making a claim to the courier. You will need to take the damaged item(s) and packaging for inspection at the closest Post Office near you within 7 days, where you will be issued a “Damage Report”. This is required for us to claim compensation from the courier.

Please note you will need to contact us within 7 days of your parcels delivery date for us to be able to assist you. 

Do I need to return the damaged products?
Please do not return anything that has been damaged before contacting us. Please request a damage report from Australia Post first and if possible, take any photos of your damaged item(s) to send to us. 

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