Chinese Import Tax

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This article was made non-public as part of terminating the tax refund offer 14.2.2022

In the unlikely event you incur import tax on an order with a total value below $200, we will reimburse you for the tax amount in Rewards.

This offer does not include any EMS service fees or clearance service fees for releasing your parcel on your behalf.

如果您的订单被海关收税,HealthPost将报销您支付的关税(仅限于价值在 200 纽币以下的订单。

偿还方式是将关税金额充值到您在HealthPost账户上的reward points里。补偿的税金不包括EMS清关代办费和其他清关服务费。

Please email us at with a copy of your paid tax receipt, and we will gladly process a Rewards credit on your account.

请将您支付税款的收据文件发送邮件至 ,我们会将关税金额充值到您HealthPost账户的Rewards积分里。

This offer is for HealthPost Rewards only, and excludes cash refunds. Rewards are for use on HealthPost websites only, and are not transferable or refundable to cash balance.

本服务仅支持 HealthPost Rewards 积分,不包括现金退款。积分仅限于在 HealthPost网站上使用,不能转移或折合现金退款。

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