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Due to import restrictions in some countries, some products are not available to be delivered to some destinations. You can find a full list of restricted products to Japan, EU, USA, and Brazil here.

Customs and import regulations vary widely between countries. Some products we sell are prohibited for importation into certain countries. Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to be aware of all of the regulations specific to any given country. Where we are aware of any particular import restrictions, we will endeavour to make note of this on the product page.

What you need to know:It's entirely your responsibility to ensure that any goods which you order are not prohibited/restricted within your delivery country. HealthPost Ltd accept no liability for the refund/replacement of any goods or any costs relating to, or arising from, the importation or confiscation of any goods by your countries Customs Office or other government body. Likewise, any import duty or tax payable on your order is not our responsibility and is beyond our control. If an order is returned to us by your countries import authorities in resalable condition, we'll refund you the value of the order less any postage costs incurred to us. We can't provide a refund until we've received the products back. We don't provide refunds on parcels that are detained or confiscated at your countries customs due to containing items which are prohibited.

We accept no liability for any goods lost in transit outside of New Zealand.

Useful Links to customs websites around the world:

We recommend you contact your local Customs Office for further information on import regulations in your country. For your convenience, please find following links to common international destinations we deliver to:




Hong Kong






South Korea



United Kingdom

United Arab Emirates

United States of America

Not been able to complete an order on our website? This could be because you have selected a product that is restricted from being sent to your country of destination. You can view a full list of restricted products here. You can easily use your browser's CTRL+F function and type your product's name or the ingredients of your product to see if it's possibly restricted.

Restrictions on honey: We are aware of some restrictions in place on ordering honey of greater than 2kg to EU countries. We suggest you check with your countries Customs Office or other government body before placing any honey orders over 2kg to EU countries.

Restrictions on milk products: Due to customs regulations, we are unable to ship milk products anywhere outside of New Zealand.

Restrictions on bee products: We are restricted from sending any bee products to Western Australia.

Additional Product Restrictions to Japan, USA, EU, and Brazil: View our full list of current restrictions to Japan, USA, EU and Brazil.

For an updated list of EU members, simply follow this link to the official European Union website.

Targeted delivery time

Targeted delivery time excludes customs processing time, as this is outside of HealthPost and our global freight partner's control.

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