Delivery Options and Costs to Japan

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We offer the following delivery options to Japan

(Please find Japanese translation at the bottom of this page):

HealthPost offers both Tracked Airmail and EMS Courier to Japan. Both methods are fixed postage price under 1kg, and additional postage fees will be applied for every additional 1kg.

Shopping at HealthPost is treated as private import, subject to duty free.

Please note that if you buy more than JPY16,600 as total products price (excluding postage fee), Your order may be be taxable and you might be asked to pay import duty at delivery. (Commission + import duty [20% to 30% of products price] at customer’s expense)

There is also a limitation of quantities of each product for duty free. For cosmetics, quantities need to be within 24 per 1 item, regular size. It’s your own responsibility to check prior if the product will be restricted to import or not.

参考サイト(外部ホームページです)Reference website :

1806 医薬品・化粧品等の個人輸入について - 税関ホームページ

1806 Medicine, Cosmetics, private import – Japanese custom website

よくある質問(一般相談) - 東京税関ホームページ

Common Q&A – Tokyo custom website



配送方     Shipping method

What this service option provides

送料の仕組み(NZドル   Postage calculation (NZD)

到着予想日       Expected delivery dates

Tracked Airmail



The Tracked Airmail service offers basic tracking. This is still an airmail service and does not require a signature upon delivery so may be left in a safe place by your delivery driver.


0-1kg $8.50

1-2kg $22.00

5~15営業日前  5 to 15 Business Days*

EMS courier



This service offers you tracking. EMS courier service is delivered by your EMS Carrier, this service will require a signature upon delivery making the delivery of your item more secure. This service takes between 3-8 business days to be delivered. 


0-1kg $18.50

Any additional kg $8.50

38営業日前     3 to 8 Business Days*

* "Business days" = Monday to Friday, not including public holidays in NZ and in your country of destination.

Targeted delivery time excludes customs processing time, as this is outside of HealthPost and our global freight partner's control.

Thanks for choosing HealthPost - we're with you in wellness.

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1806 医薬品・化粧品等の個人輸入について - 税関ホームページ

1806 Medicine, Cosmetics, private import – Japanese custom website

よくある質問(一般相談) - 東京税関ホームページ

Common Q&A – Tokyo custom website

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