I Haven't Received My Order Yet (Worldwide)

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I haven't received my order, can you help me locate it?

We're sorry your order has not arrived within the delivery time frame. You can track the progress of your parcel to you, using the tracking link on your order dispatch email.

If your order had not been delivered within the targeted delivery time, please contact us promptly, and we'll investigate this for you.

Targeted delivery time

Targeted delivery times are showing at the checkout in business days*.

Targeted delivery times exclude customs processing time, as this is outside of HealthPost and our global freight partner's control.

What we mean by "business days" = Monday to Friday, not including public holidays in NZ and in your country of destination.

How can I track my order?

You can track your order using the tracking number from your dispatch notification with the New Zealand Post Tracking Tool as long as you have selected a tracked service.

I don't know what my tracking number is?

You can find more information on how to find your order's tracking number this link.

Or simply contact us and we will be able to find this for you.

What does it mean that my parcel is 'Held for Collection'?

You may not have been home when your parcel’s delivery was attempted, and your parcel has been taken to your local post shop for you to collect it. To find the location of where your parcel is held, you can contact your local post authority with your parcel's tracking number.

Please be quick - parcels are only held for 14 days, and then they are sent back to us.

What does it mean if my parcel is showing a departure scan from my country?

Your parcel has not been collected by you in time from your local post and is on its way back to us.

Returning parcels may travel slower through the global freight chain, so please allow extra time for its return.

Once it arrives back to us, we will refund you for any product that arrived in a resalable condition. Please note, while we will refund your returned products, the shipping fee is non-refundable.

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