How to Earn and Redeem HealthPost Rewards

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How do I earn Rewards? 

For every $20 you spend with us we’ll give you $1 back in Rewards to use on a future order. These ‘HealthPost dollars’ can be used just like real dollars to spend on future orders. Rewards are valid for 180 days from your last order. Think you’re missing Rewards? Read our Rewards Expiry Information before you get in touch.  

You can earn Rewards in New Zealand Dollars, on the cost of the products you purchase after any discounts are applied and before your delivery fee.

Rewards cannot be earnt on payments made with e-Gift Cards.  

Will I earn Rewards on every order?

Rewards can be earnt on any order over $20NZD unless you are purchasing items with an e-gift card.

How long do I have to use my Rewards? 

  • Your Rewards are valid for 180 days from the date of your last order 
  • We’ll send you an email letting you know 10 days before your points are due to expire  

Is there a maximum amount of Rewards I can earn per order?  

No, you can earn unlimited Rewards with each order. Please note that our website currently allows orders with up to 20 products. If you wish to order a larger number of products, please split your order. You will earn Rewards with each one. 

How do I redeem my Rewards? 

Your available Rewards discount will be automatically applied to your order at Checkout. You will be able to see it above your order total. You’ll also see your Rewards balance appear in the Payment Methods (lower on the checkout page). If you’d like to save up your Rewards for another order, simply untick this box. 

Can I redeem some of my Rewards in an order and save the rest for another order? 

No. You have the option to either redeem or save your Rewards. You can’t choose to redeem just a portion of your Rewards balance. We recommend that you redeem your Rewards on every order, so that there is no risk of your Rewards expiring and not being used.  

Read our full Rewards Terms and conditions

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