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How can I earn Flybuys?

You must first sign in to your FlyBuys account on the Flybuys Website.

From here you can find the HealthPost shop link under the 'Earn > Online Retailers' section, and click the link to start shopping on the HealthPost website.

I didn’t go through the Flybuys website before buying something. Can I still earn Flybuys on my HealthPost order?

Unfortunately, Flybuys are unable to issue Flybuys if you did not access HealthPost website via the Flybuys website and sign in before placing your order.

Do I need to enter my FlyBuys number anywhere on your website?

No, you will need to sign in on your Flybuys account first, and click the link to HealthPost website before you begin shopping.

Can I earn both HealthPost Rewards as well as Flybuys points?

Yes, you can earn both HealthPost Rewards and FlyBuys on our website.

Can I use my Flybuys points to place an order on your website?

No, you cannot use your Flybuys points to place an order.

When will I receive my Flybuys?

Your Flybuys points will be credited to your account within 10 business days from purchase

How many Flybuy points will I earn?

For every NZ$25 spent with HealthPost, you will earn 1 Flybuy Point.

Please note that earn rate may change from time to time, Flybuys website will always show up-to-date earn rate.

More information can be found on the Flybus FAQ's page

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