How to Connect my Instagram Account

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How do I connect my HealthPost and Instagram accounts?

You can do this in the Rewards tab of My Account. Simply click the ‘Connect’ button on the ‘Earn More Rewards’ table, and this will connect for you, quickly and easily. Within 48 hours of the successful connect, we’ll add $1 in Rewards to your Rewards balance. Then you’re ready to start sharing HealthPost using our Rewards hashtags (see below).

To receive Rewards via Instagram, you must use the hashtags below:

  • #betterwithhealthpost
  • #hpbetterworld
  • #hpbetterchoice

When you share us on Instagram using one of these hashtags, you’ll get $2 in Rewards for each post. The same Reward will apply whether you use one or a number of the hashtags in the post. We’ll reward you for sharing a maximum of two posts during a 180 day period. These Rewards are valid for 30 days. You will not receive any Rewards for using any other HealthPost hashtag.

Please note: For us to be able to reward you for any hashtag uses, your Instagram account needs to be set to public (we cannot access or view private Instagram accounts).

Can I share HealthPost on a number of different Instagram accounts?

No. You can only have one Instagram account connected to your HealthPost account, this is not able to be changed.

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