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Where can I see my Rewards balance and history? 

You can see your Rewards balance in the header of our site (top right-hand corner, next to your shopping bag icon) – please note you must be signed in first.

  • If you wish to see the Rewards you have redeemed on each one of your orders, you can view these in the ‘My Orders’ page: 
  1. Locate your order in the ‘My Orders’ page 
  2. Click ‘View Details’  
  3. Click ‘Download PDF Invoice’ 
  4. Scroll down to the Total section of the invoice to view the amount discounted in Rewards 

I’ve made an order and can’t see my Rewards? How long does it take for my Rewards to be added to my balance? 

Rewards are earned as soon as you make an order and will be added to your Rewards balance immediately. 

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