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When do my Rewards expire?
Standard Rewards are valid for 180 days from the date you make your order. Promotional Rewards may have a shorter validity. All promotions will clearly state the validity of Rewards and how long you have to use them before they expire.

I seem to be missing some Rewards, what's happened to them?
Before you get in touch, please see if any of the below scenarios apply to your Rewards:

  1. Your Rewards have expired. Go to the 'My Rewards' page in 'My Account' and look at your Rewards History table. You should be able to see any points that have expired recently. Look for 'Expiry' under the 'Action' column. Our standard Rewards are valid for six months from the purchase they were earned on, and our promotional Rewards have shorter periods in which they expire. Usually 30 days. Make sure that you are signed up for Rewards Expiry reminders, in your Manage Preferences page so that you’re always aware of when Rewards are due to expire. To access this page, click the link in the base of any marketing emails we send you.
  2. You’ve spent your Rewards. Go to the 'My Rewards' page in 'My Account' and look at your Rewards History table. You should be able to see all the Rewards that you have redeemed and match this up to your Orders in the 'My Order' page.
  3. You have a store credit which is Rewards that you have redeemed but not used. To find out whether you have a store credit, look for a message at the top of 'My Orders' and 'My Rewards' page. If you have redeemed Rewards, but then not completed your order, those Rewards have been transferred into a store credit. Any store credits will be available to use to pay for your next order. Simply choose to use your store credit as a payment method towards your order.

If you’ve checked these things, and still think something is not right, please get in touch.

Are there different types of Rewards?
Yes. If your order has no special promotions associated with it, you will earn Standard Rewards that will be added instantly to your Rewards balance. If your order has some special promotions, such as double Rewards, these Promotional Rewards will be added to your balance and history within 24 hours of your order.

Why do I have different expiry dates for my total Rewards balance?
If you shop with us regularly, you'll likely have a Rewards balance made up of amounts with different expiry dates. Plus, sometimes one order will have a mix of Standard Rewards and Promotional Rewards included, that have different validity periods.

What happens if I don’t use my Rewards before they expire?
Any unused Rewards will expire at midnight on the expiry date. After this time, they cannot be used. We’ll send a reminder email 10 days before each expiry date, so that you don’t miss out. Plus, every email we send will tell you your next Rewards expiry date too.

I don’t want Rewards expiry emails. Can I unsubscribe from these?
Yes. You’re in control of what emails you receive from us. Simply click on the manage preferences link on the base of any marketing emails we send you and move the button next to Rewards Reminders to No.

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