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Where can I see my available Rewards? 

To find out whether you have Rewards, sign-in to your account and look at the Rewards balance that appears in the header of our site (top right-hand corner, next to your shopping bag icon).  


When do my Rewards expire? 

Rewards are valid for 180 days from the date of your last order.  


I seem to be missing some Rewards, what's happened to them? 

Before you get in touch, please see if any of the below scenarios apply: 

 1. Your Rewards have expired.  

Rewards are valid for 180 days from your last order. Make sure that you are signed up for Rewards Expiry reminders, in your Manage Preferences page so that you’re always aware of when Rewards are due to expire. To access this page, click the link in the base of any marketing emails we send you.  


2. You’ve spent your Rewards.  

You’re able to see the Rewards you have redeemed on each one of your orders, by viewing them in the ‘My Orders’ page: 

  1. Locate your order in the ‘My Orders’ page 
  2. Click ‘View Details’  
  3. Click ‘Download PDF Invoice’ 
  4. Scroll down to the Total section of the invoice – to view the amount discounted in Rewards 


If you’ve checked these things, and still think something is not right, please get in touch


What happens if I don’t use my Rewards before they expire? 

Any unused Rewards will expire at midnight 180 days after your last order. After this time, they cannot be used. We’ll send a reminder email 10 days before your Rewards are due to expire, so that you don’t miss out.  

I don’t want Rewards expiry emails. Can I unsubscribe from these? 

Yes. You’re in control of what emails you receive from us. Simply click on the manage preferences link on the base of any marketing emails we send you and move the button next to Rewards Reminders to No. 

Have another question? Get in touch. 

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