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Can I receive benefits for promoting or sharing HealthPost?

Yes. We’d love that.

If you share or promote HealthPost to friends or followers directly we give you $5 in HealthPost Rewards for every customer who joins and spend $50 in their first order. To share directly, you can share by email, by using a personalized link or by posting into facebook. To qualify for the Reward, your friend must respond to your invitation within 30 days, spend $50 in their first order, and not already have a HealthPost account. These Rewards are valid for 30 days.

If you promote HealthPost on Instagram using a Rewards hashtag we give you $2 in HealthPost Rewards (maximum x2 in 180 day period). A follower does not need to order for you to receive the Rewards. These Rewards are valid for 30 days.

For us to be able to give you Rewards (for either action), you need to have an active HeathPost account. Join now.

How do I share HealthPost?

There are a number of ways you can share us in My Account on the Share tab:

1.      Share by email

2.      Share by link – that you can add to social accounts such as Facebook or Instagram

3.      Share directly into Facebook

To share/promote us on Instagram you need to use one of our Rewards hashtags :


If you use another HealthPost hashtag you will not receive Rewards.

Before you do this, make sure you connect your Instagram handle to your HealthPost account. We cannot retrospectively give Rewards for any posts before the connect is completed. We’ll give you $1 in Rewards when you complete the connect.

Rewards are given per post, if you use more than one hashtag in the post, you will receive a single $2 Reward. These Rewards are valid for 30 days. Find out how to connect your Instagram account and start sharing.

How long are share Rewards valid for once I earn them?

30 days. Visit the My Rewards tab in My Account to see all upcoming expiry dates.

Is there a maximum number of people I can share with?

No. Go for gold and share with as many people as you want.

For email, link or facebook shares we will give you $5 for every person who joins and spends $50 in their first order. If you share on Instagram using a Rewards hashtag we will reward you a maximum of $4 in an 180 day period, however you are still welcome to use our Rewards hashtags as much as you want.

How quickly will I be given my Rewards?

We will add the Rewards within 24 hours of either your friend completing the order or you using a Rewards hashtag.

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