Changes to our Rewards Programme

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How has our Rewards Programme changed?
We’ve evolved our Rewards programme to make things simpler for you. We’ve done away with HealthPost Reward Points and confusing conversions, and now simply offer you Rewards in 'HealthPost Dollars'. Any Points you had previously have been turned into the same value of 'HealthPost Dollars'. Now you can see in a glance the savings that you’ll have to use on your next order.

How does your new Rewards Programme work?
You’ll earn Rewards in full dollar amounts. Every $20 spent earns $1 in Rewards. When you checkout you can choose whether you want to redeem your Rewards or you can opt to keep them for next time. Most Rewards are valid for six months but please double check the terms and conditions of promotions, as promotional Rewards such as double Rewards expire after one month. You can see your next Rewards expiry date on the top right hand corner of any email we send you, or in 'My Account', plus we’ll send a handy reminder email. We hope you enjoy our new, simpler Rewards. And know you’ll enjoy the savings too!

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