How to Earn and Redeem Rewards

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How do I earn Rewards?

For every $20 you spend with us, we’ll give you $1 back in Rewards to use on future orders. These ‘HealthPost dollars’ can be used just like real dollars to spend on future orders.

Rewards that you earn on a standard order are referred to as standard Rewards. These Rewards are valid for 180 days. From time to time, we’ll offer you special promotions where you can earn double or triple rewards on all purchases or certain brands, categories or products on our website. Please note that these bonus promotional Rewards may be valid for shorter periods. Please read the Terms & Conditions on any offer – this will tell you how long the Rewards are valid for and anything else to note.

Remember, it takes 24 hours for any bonus promotional Rewards to be added to your total Rewards balance. You’ll get standard Rewards as soon as you make your order, and then our system will work out the bonus promotional Rewards and add these to your Rewards balance later. In your 'Rewards History' you’ll see these as two separate lines with the same date.

Think you’re missing Rewards? Read our Rewards Expiry Information before you get in touch.

What happens if my cart qualifies for a number of different promotions? Which Rewards will I earn?

If your cart qualifies for more than one promotion, our system will work out the different promotions that make up your cart. It will split the cart into different promotions and then work out the Rewards due for each part of your cart. The only exception is when a product might meet the requirements of two promotions – for example, it might fall into a brand and a category promotion. In this case, our system will work out which promotion has the highest Rewards and apply the spend from that product to this promotion (you’ll get the best one).

How can I earn more Rewards?

There are a few easy ways to earn more Rewards, so you can save when you next shop with us:

  • Look out for Rewards offers or promotions, for example, double Rewards offers
  • Spend more than $500 in one order and earn double Rewards
  • Share HealthPost with a friend and earn $5 in Rewards. They’ll also get $5 off their first order too (with a promo code)
  • Connect your HealthPost account and Instagram account and earn $1 in Rewards
  • Share HealthPost on Instagram and earn $2 in Rewards per post

Terms and conditions apply.

Is there a maximum amount of Rewards I can earn per order?

Yes. The maximum amount you’ll earn is $100 in Rewards. Therefore, any single orders over $1000 or any double/ triple promotions will max out at $100.

What Rewards do I get if I share HealthPost with a friend?

You can share HealthPost with a friend by email, on Facebook, or by using a unique link. To do this, head to 'My Account' and the 'Share' tab. When you share us with a friend using Facebook, email or a link, you’ll get $5 in Rewards when your friend makes their first order. To qualify for the Reward, your friend must respond to your invitation within 30 days, spend $50 in their first order, and not already have a HealthPost account. These Rewards are valid for 30 days.

When you share us on Instagram using one of our Rewards hashtags (#BETTERWITHHEALTHPOST, #HPBETTERWORLD, or #HPBETTERCHOICE) you’ll get $2 in Rewards for each post. Before you do this, make sure you connect your Instagram handle to your HealthPost account. We cannot retrospectively give Rewards for any posts before the connect is completed. We’ll reward you for sharing a maximum of two posts that use one or a number of these hashtags during a 180 day period, plus we’ll give you $1 in Rewards when you complete the connect. Rewards are given per post, if you use more than one hashtag in the post, you will receive a single $2 Reward. These Rewards are valid for 30 days. Find out how to connect your Instagram account and start sharing.

How do I redeem my Rewards?

When you are at the checkout, above your order total you will see a 'REDEEM' button. Click this and your total Rewards balance will be redeemed into store credit. You’ll see your Rewards balance appear as store credit in Payment Methods (lower on the checkout page) that you can then use to pay for some or all of your order. When this happens, in your Reward History, all your Rewards balance will show as Redeemed to store credit. This cannot be reversed. If you have redeemed Rewards and then don’t complete your order, your Rewards will remain as a store credit, and will not be visible as a Rewards balance when you sign in next. You can still use these Rewards for a discount off your next order – they’re just waiting to be used as store credit, rather than a Rewards balance.

Can I redeem Rewards on both the and sites?

Yes! Your Rewards can be redeemed on both sites. There is no conversion or change due to currency differences. Please remember, we can only deliver to Australian addresses from our site. Due to Australian Government GST changes we cannot deliver to Australia from our site.

Can I redeem and earn Rewards at the New Lynn store?

Yes! You can redeem Rewards in-store. And you’ll earn Rewards on any store purchases too.

Can I redeem some of my Rewards in an order and save the rest for another order?

No. You have the option to either redeem or save your Rewards. You can’t choose to redeem just a portion of your Rewards balance. We recommend that you redeem your Rewards on every order, so that there is no risk of your Rewards expiring and not being used.

What happens if my order is less than my Rewards balance?

When you choose to redeem your Rewards balance, the entire amount will be redeemed into store credit, and automatically applied as payment to your order. If your order total is less than your Rewards balance, anything left over will remain as a store credit, to be used next time. When you come to checkout for a future order, the remaining store credit will be waiting, ready for use as a payment method.

Are store credits and Rewards the same thing?

Not exactly. When you redeem your Rewards, they are redeemed into a store credit that can be used as a payment method towards an order. If you redeem Rewards, and then don’t complete the order, your Rewards will remain as a store credit for future use. The value does not revert back to Rewards. Store credits can also be received separately from Rewards, for example when you might be given a credit by our Contact Centre when things don’t go to plan.

Do Rewards that are redeemed to a store credit expire?

Yes, store credits expire after 180 days (from the date that they were redeemed to store credit from Rewards).

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