I Forgot My Password

Updated 2 weeks ago by Tasma, HealthPost Team Member

Forgot your password? That's OK, it happens. Follow the steps below to easily reset your password:

  1. Simply click 'Sign in / Join' on the top right hand corner of the page. Enter your email address associated with your HealthPost account and click 'Forgot password?' below the sign in button.
  2. Make sure your email address is correct, and click the 'RESET PASSWORD' button. Open up your emails in a NEW SEPARATE tab and we'll send you an email with a six digit code required to reset your password. Copy this code from the email, head back to our site, and enter this code along with a new password. Please note that your new password must be at least 7 characters long and include at least one number.
  3. As soon as this is done you can sign in using your new password, and start shopping.

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