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Can I control the way that HealthPost contacts me?
Yes, of course, you’re in control of the way we contact you.

When you set up your HealthPost account, or make your first order, we’ll ask whether you want to receive promotional emails from us. After this, you can manage your preferences by clicking the link in the base of any promotional emails we send you. You’ll land on your personal Manage Preferences page, and will see all the types of emails we send, and you can choose YES or NO regarding whether you’d like to receive that specific email or not. You can update your preferences at any time – subscribing or unsubscribing based on your desires. Remember to hit 'Update' to save any changes.

Can I choose to receive some emails from HealthPost and not others?
Yes, you can choose to unsubscribe from certain emails, and continue to get others.

How can I unsubscribe from your emails?
You can easily do this by scrolling to the bottom of any promotional email and clicking the unsubscribe link. Once you have clicked the link you will just need to follow the prompts. Please note, if you choose to unsubscribe from all emails, you will be unsubscribing from all promotional emails only, and not transactional emails.

Can I change my mind and re-subscribe to emails?
Definitely. Just return to your personal Manage Preferences page and choose YES for any email that you’d like to start to receive again.

I can’t find the manage preferences link on the bottom on an email?
The manage preferences link is only on promotional emails we send. If this link is missing from an email, it means you are looking at a transactional email, for example an order confirmation or order dispatch. You’ll need to find another email in your inbox or recycle bin/trash to access your manage preferences page.

What's the difference between promotional and transactional emails?
Promotional emails are emails that contain our great offers or natural health and beauty news. You can choose to receive (or not receive) these emails.

Transactional emails are emails that contain information about your orders, your HealthPost account or relate to some action that you might have taken on our website, for example, a password reset email. These emails are deemed necessary for us to facilitate your order or manage your account. You cannot unsubscribe from most transactional emails. Our Terms and Conditions of Service and Sale clearly outline this and customers accept these when they first join or shop with us.

Please note, if you choose to unsubscribe from all emails, you will be unsubscribing from all promotional emails only, and not transactional emails.

Can I unsubscribe from transactional emails?
The only transactional emails that you can unsubscribe from are your Rewards Expiry reminder and Abandon Cart reminder. There is an option to stop receiving all emails from HealthPost but this will mean that you do not receive order confirmation emails or order dispatch emails. To do this, please get in touch at This cannot be reversed so please think carefully before you request this.

When I first joined HealthPost I opted to not receive promotional emails. How do I subscribe to emails?
Visit the homepage on our website and there is a ‘Join our inner circle!’ section right at the bottom of the page. Share your email here and you’ll be subscribed to all our emails. You can then access your personal Manage Preferences page using the manage preferences link in the base of the welcome email we send you straight away.

Can I manage my email preferences in My Account on your website?
No. The place to access your Manage Preferences page is the base of any promotional emails we send. Simply click the manage preferences link right at the bottom of the email (in the grey footer).

I am receiving text messages from the Auckland store. Did I give you permission to do this?
Yes. If you are receiving these texts, you will have opted in verbally when you visited the store at some point. If you’d no longer like to receive these updates, that’s fine. Simply reply to the unsubscribe short code listed on the next text message you receive.

I’ve unsubscribed from all emails but still seem to be getting emails?
Please check your personal Manage Preferences page that all emails are set to NO and that you hit 'Update' before you leave this page. Also, if you add your email to the ‘Join our inner circle’ sign up at anytime, after you’ve unsubscribed from any emails, this action will re-subscribe you to all lists and reset your Manage Preferences from NO to YES. If you're still having issues, please get in touch with us at and we check this for you, or talk to you about the option to receive no emails from HealthPost entirely.

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