I Want to Send My Order as a Gift

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I want to send my order as a gift. Can I do that?

Absolutely! Simply add products to your cart then checkout as usual ensuring that the Gift Recipient’s details are entered as the delivery address. There are a few things for you to consider:

Any order will be dispatched as a whole to the address showing on the packing slip. We are unable to split orders to two addresses.

We don’t add printed gift messages to parcels and although we take extra care to pack each order carefully, we can’t gift wrap at this stage, sorry.

Please note that orders to international destinations must show the value of the goods in order to comply with NZ regulations. You should also consider if the products you are sending comply with the regulations of your orders destination country.

Can I have my gift sent without an invoice enclosed?
Yes! To save 40 trees each year, and send your orders faster, we operate a paperless warehouse. This means invoices and pack-slips are not included inside parcels.

For International customers - when sending your parcel overseas, your consignment note will include the value of your order, as required by NZ regulations.

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