Paying by Cheque

Updated 1 year ago by Tasma, HealthPost Team Member

This payment method is available for New Zealand orders only.

At the checkout simply select "Cheque" as your payment method, and submit your order.

Detailed instructions are provided when you select this as your payment method in the final stage of our secure checkout.

After submitting your order, you’ll need to post us a cheque for the total cost of your order, including postage.

Please make your cheque payable to HealthPost Ltd for the total cost of your order including postage. Clearly write your Order Number (provided at checkout) and full name as a reference on the back of your cheque and post it to:

Cheque Payments, HealthPost, FreePost 251, PO Box 9, Collingwood 7054, New Zealand. (No stamp is required)

Your order will be dispatched as soon as we can confirm your cheque has cleared.

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