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What is a store credit?
Store credit is a credit amount that you have on your account, that you can use for a future order. There are two ways that you can get a HealthPost store credit:

1. When you redeem your Rewards at checkout, your Rewards are redeemed into store credit, and available to use as a Payment Method. You can use them instantly for that order, or if you don't complete the order, you can use them as a Payment Method next time you shop.

2. You might be given a store credit by our Contact Centre as a way to make up for something that didn’t quite go to plan, or if there is an issue with your Rewards.

How long are store credits valid for?
Store credits that are given by our Contact Centre are valid for 12 months. Store credits that have been redeemed from Rewards are valid for 6 months.

Can I transfer my store credit back to Rewards?
No. Once you have redeemed your Rewards into store credit, this cannot be reversed.

Are there any limitations on using a store credit?
No. You can use them on any order – just remember to use them before they expire.

How do I know if I have a store credit?
When you are in checkout, have a look at your Payment Methods – if you have a store credit it will show here, as the top payment method. There will also be a reminder for you at the top of your My Orders and My Rewards pages.

Will you send me an email reminder when my store credit is close to expiry?
No. You'll need to keep track of your own store credits.

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