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Do you offer promo codes?

Yes, from time to time we’ll offer special promo codes that offer a discount on an order or something extra like a free gift with your purchase.

We also offer 5% discount on orders over $500, when you use the following code at the checkout - BIG500HP 

Please note that for the discount to apply, you must enter the code at the checkout, prior to submitting your order 

How do I find out the rules for a promo code?

How each promo code works is different, so please read the Terms and Conditions of any promotion you are offered to understand what you need to do for the promo code to be applied, and other details like the expiry date of the promotion or how long you have to use your promo code.

How do I make sure I receive HealthPost promo codes?

Easy, make sure that you’re signed up for our weekly deal emails. You can do this in the Manage Preferences link at the base of any emails we send you, or subscribe in the footer at the base of our website.

How do I use a promo code?

Shop on our site as you normally would and start the checkout process. On the Secure Checkout page, under the images of the products in your cart, you will see ‘Have a promo code?’. Click on this to enter your promo code, and then hit Submit. If your order meets the requirements of the promo code, the amount of your promo code will come off the order subtotal.

My promo code is not working? What should I do?

First check that your order meets the requirements of the promo code. Each promo code has specific conditions that must be met, to get the discount offered. Please also check the expiry date. All our promo codes have an expiry date and the code will not work if you are trying to use it after the expiry date. Remember, promo codes are offered to specific customers – you cannot use a promo code that has been offered to friends or family on your own account. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more info.

If you’ve checked all these things and still think the promo code is not working, please get in touch via Live Chat or call us.

Will I receive Rewards if using a promo code?

Yes. Rewards are calculated on the order before a promo code is applied.

Can I share a promo code with a friend, or use their promo code they don’t want?

Most of our promo codes are linked to specific customers so you cannot share or transfer these promo codes (usually sent to you in a direct email).​ However, sometimes we might publish a promo code on Facebook or with our partners. You’re welcome to share these promo codes.

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