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Can you add products to your range you don’t yet stock? 

With 5,000+ products across many wellness categories we’re likely to have a great solution for any of your health and eco-living needs. 


We are constantly looking at new mindful brands to partner up with, and continue creating a holistic solution for all of our customers wellness needs. 

Each one of our brand partners has been investigated by our Natural Health Experts through our 5-step ETHICS check. Read more about our Responsible sourcing here  


I want you to add to your range a product I am interested in? 

If the product you are looking at is by one of our brand partners, we’re most likely already coordinating for it to be added to our stock. You will be able to find it in our ‘New to store’ section soon. 


We’re currently not able to add products to our range that are by brands we’ve not yet partnered up with. 

If you require your product urgently, you might be best to source it elsewhere. 

Have another question? Our friendly customer care team are here to help

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