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It's really important to us that the products you receive are in optimal condition. We take every care to be aware of which products may be adversely affected by undue heat or light and to handle and store them accordingly. All products which according to manufacturer's guidelines are 'best kept refrigerated', are kept refrigerated on our premises prior to your order being packed and dispatched. We always keep all our stock out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources. 

Manufacturer's Guidelines for Heat Sensitive Products:

Shelf-stable probiotics

Products should be kept below 25 degrees Celsius in dry conditions.

Probiotics that require refrigeration

Store in the fridge as much as possible. Manufacturers add overage (more probiotics than what is on the label) to account for some loss of potency during shipping. Overage allows for 1 – 2 weeks of the product at room temperature.


Store in the fridge once opened. Manufacturers flush bottles with inert gas to help prevent oxidation. Keep lid tightly closed once opened.

NZ Customers:

All orders, whether they contain heat sensitive products or not, are dispatched on the first available courier, typically 1-2 working days after placing your order online. This typically means that if you place your order on a Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, it will be sent Friday and delivered the next working day, having spent the intervening period at a courier depot (products are never kept in courier vans).

Whether this is likely to be detrimental to the potency of your products depends largely on the products in question, and seasonal and holiday variations. It's certainly not likely to be an issue for most products being held over a regular weekend in cool weather, but we'd recommend against ordering non-shelf-stable probiotics on Christmas Eve for instance.

We suggest you try and order any heat-sensitive products earlier in the week where possible so that they arrive before the weekend. We do endeavour to use 'please keep cool' stickers on all parcels containing probiotics that are kept in the fridge, but can't guarantee this or that your local courier driver will make allowance for it. If there's a cool spot where you'd like your parcel left, use the 'Delivery Instructions' field at checkout which is printed on your parcel for your courier driver.

We also have many shelf-stable probiotics which don’t require refrigeration.

Australian and International Customers:

All orders are sent un-refrigerated. Please ensure that any products which you order are stable at room temperature. We take no responsibility for the ordering of any products which are not stable at room temperature and cannot accept the return of these items from international orders. We have a great selection of quality shelf-stable probiotic supplements on our site.

Tru2u Tart Cherry:

Due to the nature of this product we are not able to send this internationally.

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