Calculating Your Delivery Fee

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How can I calculate my delivery fee?  

You can easily estimate your order’s total and the cost of its delivery on our website.  

  • Start by adding the products that you wish to order to your shopping cart.  
  • From here, click on the shopping cart icon t the top right corner of the page.CHECKOUT 
  • Enter your email address, and password, or create a new account 
  • Once you’ve done this, you will be able to complete the Delivery Address section of the checkout 
  • From here you will be given the delivery options and costs available to your area. 

If you are seeing a message telling you there may be a problem with your delivery detail: 

  1. Make sure you’ve entered your complete delivery address into all applicable delivery fields 
  2. Find  whether any of the products in your cart or known to us* as restricted to your country on this article 

*Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to be aware of all of the regulations specific to any given country, and products you’re able to purchase may not be allowed into your country. It’s your responsibility to check with your country’s customs authorities. Read more here 

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