How to set up an International Delivery Address at the Checkout

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Setting up an international address for an order is easy, and you can help speed up your order's delivery with a few simple steps at the checkout
  1. Start by selecting your country of destination in the Country field
  2. Add your phone number into the 'Mobile number' field so your postal agency can be in touch with you if they are unable to locate your address
  3. Type maximum of 40 characters in each address line (you can use other available address fields if you address is longer than 40 characters)
  4. In addition to typing your address in English, if space allows, you can add your address in your country of destination's characters. If space doesn't allow it - you can type this into the delivery instruction field.
  5. Tick the 'Save this address to my Address list'
  6. To turn this address into your new default address, or set up a new address on your account's Saved Addresses, follow the steps on this article

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