How do I place an order?

How do I use the checkout?

Simply add your desired products to your shopping cart and hit the cart icon at the top right corner of the screen. Select to 'Checkout Securely'.

This will take you to our secure checkout where you can sign-in to your account to check that all of your details are correct, or create a new account.

Once you have checked that the order and address details are correct, you will need to select your payment method. Here any current HealthPost Rewards will be automatically applied, and the discount shown in the total section of the checkout.

Simply follow the prompts to complete your order.

To enter a promocode or an e-Gift card:

  • When shopping on a desktop - click 'Promocode/e-Gift card' in the 'Your cart' section to enter your code, then click 'Apply'
  • When shopping on a mobile or a tablet device - click 'See Cart & Savings' below your products, then click 'Promocode/e-Gift card' to enter your code, then hit 'Apply'

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