Tips when resetting your password

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  1. I didn’t receive a password reset email? 

It may take a few minutes to receive this. Please check your junk or spam folder. Make sure that you’ve entered your email address correctly without any typos. 


  1. I've saved a new password successfully, but I still can't sign-in? 

This may be a result of your browser entering your old password, that is saved in its memory, instead of your newly created password. To make sure your old password isn’t being automatically entered: 

  • Make sure you’re manually typing in full your new password as you reach the final step of signing-in, rather than clicking enter, or selecting a pre-saved password that appears in a pop-up window 
  • Delete back dots that appear in the password field, and manually type from your new password 
  • You can delete your old password from the saved passwords section of your browser's settings by selecting ‘manage passwords’ from the pop-up window that appears when typing into the password field. 
  1. Forgot to click the 'reset passwords’ button on the password reset email? 

Not a problem, simply request a new reset password email to be sent to you. You can find the latest reset password email in your inbox - just click the link provided.  


  1. Password reset link doesn’t work? 

Links are valid for 24 hours only. If more than 24 hours have passed, you'll need to request a new password reset email. 


  1. Have you requested more than one password reset email? 

If you’ve requested more than one password reset email, you may be using an expired link. Any new request will make previous links invalid. Please make sure you use the link from the most recent email we have sent you. 


  1. Having trouble choosing a new password? 

Remember that our website requires a strong password. Please choose a password that is at least seven characters long with at least one number.  


To start the password reset process again, simply choose 'Forgot Password?' on any sign in page. This will ask for your email, to send a new password reset code. 

Still having trouble? Feel free to get in touch, our team are here to help.  

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