Why are items missing from my cart?

If you previously added products to your cart but did not purchase these items, we'll save these in your cart for next time and send you an email for when you may be ready to make your purchase. However, it's important to note these items in your cart are linked to your specific browser session and device. This means that if you sign into your account on a different device (for example signing into your account on your mobile, after shopping on desktop), your cart will appear to be empty on this new device.

To view your saved cart with the items you would like to purchase, you will need to sign back into your original device you were shopping on. Alternatively, you can add these items manually to your cart on your new device.

You may also like to save items you've got your eye on to a Wishlist. You can create multiple Wishlist's for products you might like to purchase in future. These will be saved in your account and can be viewed across any device.

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