Turmeric and liver damage

There have been reported instances where turmeric has been metabolised by the liver into something that caused harm to the body. This is a rare outcome and research currently indicates that this is linked to individuals carrying a certain gene mutation that impacts their ability to metabolise all sorts of herbs, including turmeric and green tea. The gene responsible is called HLA-B*35:01. 

Most humans who supplement with turmeric are not negatively impacted. In fact, turmeric is well known and researched for its liver, joint and other health supporting qualities in the wider population. Of course there are always exceptions to this and its good to be aware of the potential risks, but to say turmeric causes liver damage as a blanket statement would be untrue. But there are rare instances where people have had adverse reactions to turmeric, and usually it's linked with that HLA-B*35:01 gene mutation. 

If you've never taken turmeric before and are concerned, then it would be a good idea for you to chat with your doctor to make sure you don't carry the gene that would increase chances of turmeric damaging your liver. It's best to inform your doctor and health practitioners about any new supplements that you are taking and observe any changes to your symptoms. If any negative changes are noted, you should stop taking the new product immediately. ​​​​​​​

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