I Want To Change My Delivery Address (Australia)

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I placed my order and forgot to change my delivery address.

No worries! If you've not received your dispatch notification just yet - we can change the address on your order.

Please contact us as soon as possible with your order number and correct delivery address and we will update this for you.

Please note that we are unable to change delivery addresses on parcels dispatched on Sunday.

My order is already on it's way to me. Can I still change my delivery address?

No worries! 

Australia Post can redirect your parcel to your new address, once your parcel arrives in Australia.

You can call Australia Post on 137678, with your order's tracking number to put through your request.

We do also suggest that you keep an eye on the tracking of your parcel via the Australia post website.

Please also feel free to contact us so we could support your request for address change.

Have another question? Get in touch.

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