How Can I Compare Products?

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Our great product compare feature allows you to add products to your Compare List, and compare the size, price, description, customer rating, and more useful information. Please note that you must be signed into your account to use this function.

How to add products to your Compare List:
  1. Sign into your account (click the 'Sign in/Join' at the top right corner of the screen)
  2. Find the product you wish to compare and click into product page
  3. Click the 'COMPARE' button, located just under the 'ADD TO CART' button. This button will turn black and this is how you will know that the product has been added to your Compare List.

Once you have added all your products you wish to compare, you are now ready to start comparing.

To find your Compare List on your account:
  1. Click on 'Hey [Your name]' at the top right hand corner
  2. Click on 'Compare List'

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